Mina Aker Sagen

With background as a specialist in prosthetic dentistry, Mina Sagen, holds lectures about materials in a clinical perspective. Her main lecture topics are ceramics and their clinical application, focusing on material selection for different indications, abutment preparation, cementation, adjustments and complications. 

Since Mina started at NIOM in 2021, she has held lectures on Scandinavian dental conferences, for Norwegian dental associations and university students. She has also participated in hands-on training of dental technician students. 

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Per Vult von Steyern

“For many years Per Vult von Steyern has successfully conducted research on ceramic materials and their applications in modern dentistry. He is also an esteemed lecturer who, with enthusiasm and compelling interest, has trained students and dental professionals in prosthetic dentistry and materials science. In addition, Per has, through his efforts, successfully built bridges between clinical and dental technology activities and created increased understanding between different categories of dental professionals.” 

- Henry Beyron's Award in Prosthetic dentistry for scientific efforts, 2018

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Aida Mulic

Aida Mulic holds lectures within the fields of cariology, with the main topics being pathogenesis, prevention and treatment of dental caries and dental erosions. In addition, focus on minimal intervention dentistry is an important area of interest and lecturing. 

Aida is a recognised lecturer, and has held many presentations on Scandinavian and European dental conferences, as well as for Norwegian dental associations. She teaches dental and dental hygienist university students, and holds lectures for post graduate- and PhD students. 

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