The Nordic Institute of Dental Materials (NIOM) works to ensure that dental biomaterials are safe and effective. We undertake research, participate in standardisation and provide clinically relevant advice to the dental health services and health authorities in the Nordic countries.

NIOM offers research-based consultancy and accredited testing according to international standards. Our independent test laboratory delivers accurate and independent data accepted for third-party evaluations of dental materials and instruments.

We are responsible for promoting a continuing Nordic collaboration in the field of dental biomaterials. NIOM maintains a distinct Nordic profile through broad contacts with the Nordic dental educational institutions and research centers. Our research and consulting are required to be scientifically founded and applicable to clinical dentistry.

Our Vision

Research, materials evaluation, and participation in international and European standardisation support our vision: ensuring that dental biomaterials are safe and effective in the Nordic countries. Our accredited testing laboratory delivers high-quality, accurate and independent results to the client.

Our values

We have established a culture that is defined by our values, and we have identified three core values to shape our culture and guide our business activities:

  • Knowledge 
  • Innovation
  • Quality