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Nordic Institute of Dental Materials (NIOM) works to ensure that dental biomaterials are safe and effective. We undertake research, participate in standardisation and provide clinically relevant advice to the dental health services and health authorities in the Nordic countries.

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Research on biomaterials is a major part of the portfolio of work at NIOM, and we work to ensure that dental biomaterials are safe and effective. Our research involves collaboration with universities, institutes, and public dental services in the Nordic countries and globally.

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Scientists at NIOM submit their research results for publication in peer-reviewed, scientific journals, both locally in the Nordic countries and internationally.

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Material testing

Our goal is to stand as the leading option for biomaterial testing. NIOM, accredited as a test laboratory, conducts customised testing with exceptional quality. Our test results hold acknowledgment from regulatory bodies across the globe.

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Latest News


Vacant positions as visiting scientist at NIOM during 2025

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Ellen Bruzell, Senior Scientist at NIOM, has in recent weeks been quoted in several news articles in Norway ☀️ In addition to working with photobiological and biophysical problems, such as phototoxicity, exposure assessment of optical radiation in the dental clinic, and optical characteristics of devices and dental materials, she is also a member of the Norwegian Scientific Committee for Food and Environment (VKM). Her expertise in ultraviolet light (UV) is important, and she provides valuable information on why sun cream can help reduce the risk of skin cancer.

Upcoming events

October 31, 2024

The National Convention and Nordental

31 oktober - 02 november 2024 at NOVA Spektrum in Lillestrøm, Norway
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November 13, 2024

The Swedish National Dental Convention and Swedental

13 - 15 november 2024 at Svenska Mässan in Göteborg, Sverige
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