Two testing machines are widely used for research projects and testing of dental materials according to different ISO standards. The materials are exposed to both destructive and non-destructive tests depending on the investigated properties.

Tensile- and deflection equipment for Zwick testing machine

The mechanical tests are performed by two different universal testing machines; Zwick 10 kN machine with macro extensometer and Zwickline 5 kN table top machine. Both machines are classified as class 0.5. This means that the accuracy of the testing machines is better than ± 0.5 % and ± 1 %, respectively.

Tensile testing of alloy with Zwick machine with macro extensometer

The testing for clients is performed in accordance with a range of test methods for mechanical properties, for the most part from ISO-standards within the field of dentistry/dental materials.

NIOM is accredited for several of these tests, such as biaxial or 3-point flexure tests, debonding strength of metals or high strength ceramics and veneering ceramics, bonding of artificial teeth to denture base materials, adhesion of bonding materials to dentin or enamel, in addition to traditional tensile and compression measurements.

Zwickiline table top testing machine with NIOM’ engineer Torbjørn Knarvang