The composition of ‘chairside’ resin-based inlay materials is similar to that of direct resin-based filling materials. The handling and curing procedures vary for the different inlay materials. Some systems involve precuring inside the oral cavity and a final cure at elevated temperature outside the oral cavity. Others are only cured extra-orally. The advantage of the inlay technique is that polymerisation shrinkage of the composite occurs before bonding to tooth structure. After cementation, therefore, the inlay gives good marginal adaptation in occlusal restorations. Some of the curing procedures for inlays give good conversion. The systems with good conversion also show better mechanical properties than the equivalent resin-based material cured according to the direct filling technique.


Types of resin-based inlay materials and their properties.
Ruyter IE.
Int Dent J. 1992 Jun; 42(3):139-44. Review