The effect of different polymerization temperatures on the bond strength and the type of bond failure between denture base polymers and polymer teeth were investigated using two autopolymerized and one heat-polymerized denture base material. For this purpose, a peel test and a shear test were used. The strongest bond strengths occurred between the heat-polymerized denture base polymer and the polymer teeth. Autopolymerized denture base polymers showed lower bond strengths. With increasing temperatures, the bond strength of the autopolymerized systems increased and the bonding characteristics changed from adhesive to cohesive failure, particularly at temperatures above 50 degrees C.

The effects of polymerization temperature on the acrylic resin denture base-tooth bond.
Büyükyilmaz S, Ruyter IE.
Int J Prosthodont. 1997 Jan-Feb; 10(1): 49-54.