The adhesion of five root-canal sealers to dentine and gutta-percha was studied. The effects of various dentine pretreatments on adhesion were also investigated.

Root dentine cylinders, 4 mm in diameter, were prepared from human teeth. The dentine surfaces were conditioned with either 37% H(3)PO(4) for 30 s, 25% citric acid for 30 s, 17% EDTA for 5 min or a rinse with 10 mL distilled water (control). Gutta-percha cylinders, 4 mm in diameter, were prepared and their end surfaces polished flat. The dentine and gutta-percha surfaces were coated with freshly mixed sealer: Grossman’s sealer (GS), Apexit (AP), Ketac-Endo (KE), AH Plus (AH), RoekoSeal Automix (RS) or RoekoSeal Automix with an experimental primer (RP). The surfaces were pressed together and the sealers allowed to set. The test specimens were subjected to a tensile force in a universal testing machine.

Mean tensile bond strengths (MPa +/- SD) ranged from 0.07 +/- 0.01 (AP) to 1.19 +/- 0.47 (AH). Pretreatment with EDTA showed no effect or produced weaker bonds than controls. Phosphoric and citric acid pretreatments increased adhesion of GS. A primer used with RoekoSeal significantly enhanced its adhesion to untreated dentine. Inspection of fractured surfaces indicated failure of adhesion to dentine for GS and RS and to gutta-percha for KE and RP. The failure appeared to be mainly cohesive within the sealer for AH and AP.

Removal of the smear layer may impair sealer adhesion to dentine. Different sealer types require different dentine pretreatments for optimal adhesion.


The effects of dentine pretreatment on the adhesion of root-canal sealers
Saleh I, Ruyter I, Haapasalo MPP, Ørstavik D
International Endodontic Journal 2002; 35: 859-66.