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Teferi Mekonnen Yitayew


Teferi is a part-time statistician (20%) responsible for data management and analysis and providing statistical advise.

He holds PhD in Epidemiology- the University of Oslo (2023); MPH/ Public Health Nutrition- the University Gondar (2016); Bachelor’s degree in Nursing-Mekelle University (2012). Teferi's research focus is causal inference, life-course epidemiology, social inequalities in chronic noncommunicable diseases and their determinants.

Foto Ingar Sørensen-28

Phone: +47 99 08 27 18 

Email: t.m.yitayew@medisin.uio.no

Nordic Institute of Dental Materials
Sognsveien 70 A
0855 Oslo, Norway
Ph: +47 67 51 22 00