Summer greetings



 NIOM has remained operational during the outbreak, and test activities are carried out as scheduled.








The office will remain open all summer, though response time may vary. 






Summer greetings

Dear colleagues and contacts

The Covid-19 pandemic has had impact on work and social life in all countries. Coronavirus legislation and guidelines were necessary to reduce the spread of the virus and have shown to be effective. Travel restrictions, cancelling of scientific and other meetings were unfortunate but required.

NIOM staff had planned to present and discuss research results at a number of scientific meetings. Some data go directly into publications; others will be postponed to next year. We have also decided that NIOM will not be present in the exhibition halls during the conventions of the Nordic dental association this year.

NIOM supports, and follows, the national guidelines regarding the Covid-19 outbreak. Precautions are taken to ensure sustainable safeguards for our staff members and activities. Fortunately, NIOM has been operational and carrying out scheduled test activities in addition to serve as a Nordic competence center for dental biomaterials during the outbreak.

I hope the Covid-19 situation will improve further during the summer months and that measures taken continue to reduce spread of the virus.

July is the traditional vacation month in Norway, and our activities will be lower during this time. Our office will remain open, though response time may vary.

NIOM staff would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a great summer.

Kind regards

Jon E. Dahl


NIOM Newsletter June 2020