Success in light curingNIOM Webinar 30th MAY 16:00 (Oslo time)

Welcome to our webinar on May 30th. In this webinar NIOMs Head of Laboratory, Hilde M. Kopperud, will present topics on light curing techniques and discuss how to avoid pitfalls when buying a new curing lamp.


This webinar will cover these points:

  • Pulse, ramp, turbo and standard: what’s the best curing mode?
  • Is curing for 5 seconds enough? Why? Why Not?
  • Bulk fill, dark and light shades: are they all the same?
  • Four things to check when buying a new curing lamp.


Information about the webinar:

  • 20 minutes presentation
  • 1 hour live Q&A immediately following the presentation
  • View from PC / Mac or mobile / tablet
  • For more information on how to sign up for this webinar, please visit our website ( or follow/ like us on facebook (


Success in light curingAbout the presenter:
Hilde M. Kopperud (dr. scient.) started working with NIOM in 2003 as a scientist doing research in polymer chemistry as well as being instrumental in the institute’s standardization activities. As Head of laboratory, she oversees all of NIOM’s laboratory operations, testing and standardization activities, manages the lab facilities as well as coordinates the material testing activities. Kopperud also manages and participates in research projects on polymer-based materials.