Two light-activated, and three heat-polymerized, resin-based veneering materials were exposed to boiled coffee, filtered coffee, or tea at 50 degrees C and evaluated for color stability. Specimens immersed in distilled water in the dark at 37 degrees C for 4 months were also assessed. One of the light-activated, resin-based veneering materials underwent intrinsic discoloration during the long-term immersion both in distilled water and in the staining solutions. The discoloration of the other materials by tea was mainly due to surface adsorption of the colorants. Discoloration by coffee was due to adsorption, and also to absorption of colorants by two of the materials investigated. This absorption and penetration of colorants into the organic phase of the veneering materials were probably due to compatibility of the polymer phase with the yellow colorants of coffee.

Staining of resin-based veneering materials with coffee and tea.
Um CM, Ruyter IE.
Quintessence Int. 1991 May; 22(5): 377-386.