The water sorption, solubility, hardness, and color stability of thin specimens of auto-polymerized and heat-polymerized denture base polymers with and without a UV light-polymerized coating material were investigated. The specimens were saturated after storage in water for 24 h. The thin coating reduced the leakage of soluble ingredients from an auto-polymerized denture base material. The coated materials had increased surface hardness compared with the uncoated, but the difference in hardness was reduced on water uptake. A continuous increase in yellowing of the auto-polymerized coated and uncoated specimens was observed when stored in water at 37 degrees C


Some properties of a denture acrylic coating.
Szabó G, Valderhaug J, Ruyter IE.
Acta Odontol Scand. 1985 Aug; 43(4): 249-256