As another year marked by covid is ending, we look back at 12 months of progress and growth. We have three new hires, and 17 published papers. NIOM is steaming ahead towards its 50th anniversary in May 2022.

An institute founded on the idea that the Nordic countries can accomplish more together than apart. That cooperation in key areas is not only beneficial, but also necessary. It was NIOMs mandate from the start, to help ensure safe and effective dental materials and procedures in the Nordic countries, and for almost 50 years now, we have done so proudly. Our main method has always been, and will continue to be, research and information, materials testing and international and European standardization activities.

We have continued this work these past 20 months, through the pandemic. Testing products according to accredited methods for a number of manufacturers. We have also continued to answer clinically related questions regarding use and selection of dental materials for the dental community.

After a quick turnaround and some major reorganization by the international and European standardization organizations, this work is now running as smoothly online as it did in person. These meeting points between manufacturers, test laboratories and academia, continue to show value. The work to ensure safe and effective materials is as important as ever, and NIOM is proud to stay in the forefront of this work.

I wish you a Happy Holiday season, and all the best for the New Year. I sincerely hope that 2022 will be a year when normalcy will finally return, and we can use the learnings from the pandemic in ways that benefit us all.

Season greetings from NIOM

Jon E. Dahl