Casting machines
NIOM has two casting machines for casting different dental alloys. A vacuum press machine, Heraeus Combilabor CL-G2002, for the casting of precious and low-precious alloys, and a vacuum pressure induction casting machine, Heracast iQ, for casting of base metals. The casting machines are primarily used to cast samples for testing according to ISO 22674 and ISO 9693. These are samples used for measuring mechanical properties, corrosion, and tarnish testing and tests for metal and porcelain bonding. The casting machines are also used to make samples for different research projects where alloys are involved. It might be elucidation of corrosion properties, both in static and dynamic situations, or different tests of mechanical properties, including elastic-modules, and debonding of metal-ceramic restorations.

NIOM also has several furnaces for different purposes such as firing of casting molds and heat treatment of alloys, Jelenko accu-therm II 2000 and Mihm-Vogt M3. For ceramic veneering of metal or ceramic core materials, Jelenko Commodore 100 and Ivolclar EP 5000/G2 are used. The latter are also for pressureable glass ceramics for cores or for veneering of ceramic cores. 

Cutting, grinding, polishing and other equipment
NIOM possesses different equipment for cutting, grinding and polishing: An automatic precision machine for serial cutting, Metkon Micracut 201, and a cutting machine for manual single cutting, with accessories; SiC-paper and diamond discs, polishing cloths for diamond and alumina for all kind of materials; sand-blasting.

Our laboratory include an instrument maker’s workshop where homemade equipment, jigs and fixtures and accessories are prepared, both for mechanical and electronic devices. We may prepare custom design samples and equipment for research and testing purposes.