Polymeric composite materials may contain releasable degradation products or unreacted constituents. Release of formaldehyde from nine different composites was investigated by means of HCHO-hydrazone derivative analyzed with high-performance liquid chromatography. Formation of formaldehyde was found in all the investigated materials. The highest concentrations were observed in specimens polymerized in contact with air. A correlation coefficient, r = 0.83, was found between released formaldehyde and the thickness of the unpolymerized surface inhibition layer. The formaldehyde concentrations were reduced when the inhibition layer was removed prior to testing. A continuous release of formaldehyde was evident during the first ten days. The release decreased with time, but was still detectable after 115 days.


Release of formaldehyde from dental composites.
Øysæd H, Ruyter IE, Sjøvik Kleven IJ.
J Dent Res. 1988 Oct; 67(10): 1289-1294