Protooth shows promising results




Protooth – a novel calcium silicate cement













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Protooth shows promising results

A recent NIOM paper on bond strength between dentine and a novel cement intended for root fillings, shows promising results. In the study, bond-strength significantly increased within the first 28 days.

The cement, called Protooth, is a novel fast-setting calcium silicate cement with fluoride. It has been developed for potential application in tooth crowns including cavity lining and cementation, in addition to traditional application of calcium silicate cements in tooth roots.

The testing

Mid-root dentine slices of 1 mm thickness were obtained from human maxillary incisors. After enlarging the lumen of the pulp canal to 1.3 mm, the cavities were randomly filled with one of the four test materials; Protooth, ProRoot MTA (calcium silicate cement), Ketac-Molar (glass ionomer cement) or Dycal (calcium hydroxide-based cement).

Protooth shows promising results

Pictured: Cross-section of the measurement model.

The samples were immersed in physiological buffer solution (PBS). A push-out bond-strength test was performed using a Lloyd universal testing machine after 1 day, 28 days and 180 days. As shown in Figure 1, the test was performed by applying compressive force on the surface of the test material until bond failure occurred (push-out).

Protooth showed the highest push-out bond strength of the four test materials. Furthermore, the bond-strength for Protooth significantly increased within the first 28 days, as opposed to results from the other test materials.


The authors conclude that further testing will reveal if Protooth is a candidate for pulp protection, treatment of endodontic complications, caries sealing and post or crown cementation with promising bonding to dentine.


Protooth shows promising results

Pictured graph: Push-out bond strength on days 1, 28 and 180 in each test material.

References: Ranjkesh B, Kopperud HM, Kopperud SE and Løvschall H. Bond strength between dentine and a novel fast-setting calcium silicate cement with fluoride. Eur J Oral Sci 2019; 00: 1-6.

NIOM Newsletter April 2020