Zirconia dental implants; the relationship between design and clinical outcome: A systematic review

Implantoplasty and the risk of fracture of narrow implants with advanced bone loss: A laboratory study

Sintering temperature accuracy and its effect on translucent yttria-stabilized zirconia: Flexural strength, crystal structure, tetragonality and light transmission

Fracture resistance and fracture behaviour of monolithic multi-layered translucent zirconia fixed dental prostheses with different placing strategies of connector: an in vitro study

Does implantoplasty affect the failure strength of narrow and regular diameter implants? A laboratory study

Clinical and laboratory passive fit assessment of implant-supported zirconia restorations fabricated using conventional and digital workflow

Translucent Zirconium Dioxide and Lithium Disilicate: A 3-Year Follow-up of a Prospective, Practice-Based Randomized Controlled Trial on Posterior Monolithic Crowns

Evaluation of Stress Distribution in Tooth-Supported Fixed Dental Prostheses Made of Translucent Zirconia with Variations in Framework Designs: A Three-Dimensional Finite Element Analysis

Bisphenol A in dental materials – existence, leakage and biological effects; a literature review

Two decades of zirconia as a dental biomaterial - what have we learned? 

Porslin och glaskeramer – våra mest estetiska material

Ceramics in dentistry

Volumetric measurement of dentoalveolar defects by means of intraoral 3D scanner and gravimetric model

Load-Bearing Capacity of Monolithic Zirconia Fixed Dental Prostheses Fabricated with Different Connector Designs and Embrasure Shaping Methods

Critical considerations on load-to-failure test for monolithic zirconia molar crowns

Effect of different semimonolithic designs on fracture resistance and fracture mode of translucent and high-translucent zirconia crowns

Cast, milled and EBM-manufactured titanium, differences in porcelain shear bond strength

Fracture strength of veneered translucent zirconium dioxide crowns with different porcelain thicknesses

Influence of firing conditions and production methods on fracture strength of titanium-based metal ceramic crowns

The Shortened Dental Arch concept from the perspective of Swedish General Dental Practitioners: a qualitative study

Prosthodontic decision-making relating to dentitions with compromised molars: the perspective of Swedish General Dental Practitioners

Ten-Year Follow-Up of Implant-Supported All-Ceramic Fixed Dental Prostheses: A Randomized, Prospective Clinical Trial

Influence of core design, production technique, and material selection on fracture behavior of yttria-stabilized tetragonal zirconia polycrystal fixed dental prostheses produced using different multilayer techniques: split-file, over-pressing, and manually built-up veneers

Fracture strength of ceramic monolithic crown systems of different thickness

Fracture of porcelain-veneered gold-alloy and zirconia molar crowns using a modified test set-up

Reliability of the impression replica technique

Surface structure and mechanical properties of impaction-modified Y-TZP

Titanium- and zirconia-based implant-supported fixed dental prostheses. A randomized, prospective clinical pilot study

The fit of crowns produced using digital impression systems

Framställning av protetiska konstruktioner

Fracture strength of all-ceramic (Y-TZP) three- and four-unit fixed dental prostheses with different connector design and production history

Bonding between oxide ceramics and adhesive cement systems: A systematic review

Fracture strength of monolithic crowns made of high-translucent yttrium oxide-stabilized zirconium dioxide compared to porcelain veneered crowns and lithium di-silicate crowns

Fracture strength of porcelain fused to metal crowns made of cast, milled or laser-sintered Co-Cr

Implant-supported full-arch zirconia-based mandibular fixed dental prostheses. Eight-year results from a clinical pilot study

Fracture strength of yttria-stabilized zirconium-dioxide (Y-TZP) fixed dental prostheses (FDPs) with different abutment core thickness and connector dimensions

Internal vs. external connections for abutments/reconstructions: a systematic review

Impaction-modified densely sintered yttria-stabilized tetragonal zirconium dioxide: Methodology, surface structure, and bond strength

The influence of support properties and complexity on fracture strength and fracture mode of all-ceramic fixed dental prostheses

Fracture strength of yttria-stabilized tetragonal zirconia polycrystals crowns with different design: an in vitro study

Class II composite restorations: importance of cervical enamel in vitro

Five-year follow-up of implant-supported Y-TZP and ZTA fixed dental prostheses. A randomized, prospective clinical trial comparing two different material systems

A prospective study of implant-supported full-arch yttria-stabilized tetragonal zirconia polycrystal mandibular fixed dental prostheses: three-year results

Fracture strength of three-unit fixed partial denture cores (Y-TZP) with different connector dimension and design

Bond strength between different bonding systems and densely sintered alumina with sandblasted surfaces or as produced

Effect of framework shape on the fracture strength of implant-supported all-ceramic fixed partial dentures in the molar region

Fracture strength of four-unit Y-TZP FPD cores designed with varying connector diameter. An in-vitro study

The effect of core framework designs on the fracture loads of all-ceramic fixed partial dentures on posterior implants

AII-ceramic two- to five-unit implant-supported reconstructions. A randomized, prospective clinical trial

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Clinical marginal gap of porcelain fused to electro-formed gold coping crowns

Clinical marginal and internal gaps of In-Ceram crowns fabricated using the GN-I system

Clinical marginal and internal gaps of Procera AlICeram crowns

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Fracture strength of In-Ceram all-ceramic bridges in relation to cervical shape and try-in procedure. An in-vitro study

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Removable partial denture design habits in general dental practice in Sweden

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