The percent pore area and the mean pore size were measured in specimens made of nine brands of composite resin restorative materials. The overall percent porosity ranged from 0.01 to 4.5%. The specimens for the study were prepared in two ways; by condensation or by pressure. Most of the materials, including all those chemically activated, showed more porosity in the condensed than in the pressure specimens. Reversed results emerged for two of the materials, and for another two, the specimens were similar in this respect. The mean pore sizes were smaller in the condensed than in the pressure specimens. Neither mean pore size nor total amount of porosities could be correlated to the curing method of the materials.


Porosity in posterior composite resins.
van Dijken JW, Ruyter IE, Holland RI.
Scand J Dent Res. 1986 Oct; 94(5): 471-478.