This paper discusses aspects of quality and safety improvement of the most commonly used dental restorative materials, the resin‐based composites. From a patient’s perspective, long‐lasting resin‐based restorations without complications are important. Recurrent caries and fracture are the most common causes for restoration failures. Proper handling and curing of the composites improve the mechanical properties of the restorations and increase safety by reducing exposure to residual methacrylate monomers. A number of compounds have been introduced in restorative materials to reduce the risk of recurrent caries, even though a real breakthrough has not yet been achieved. It is concluded that simple measures may improve the quality and safety of resin‐based composite restorations.

Optimizing quality and safety of dental materials
Dahl JE, Stenhagen ISR
Eur J Oral Sci 2018; 126 (Suppl. 1): 102-105
DOI: 10.1111/eos.12422