Zirconia currently holds a significant portion of the market for fixed dental prostheses in Norway, and the types of dental zirconia available are increasing. Advertising slogans such as high translucent”, “super translucent”, and “ultra translucent”, among others, are commonly used to describe today’s dental zirconias. In addition, the term “multi-layer zirconia” is used to describe both color graded and strength graded zirconia, including the combination of the two. In summary, it is challenging to navigate all the different types of dental zirconia. In the current work we try to simplify this by explaining the fundamental differences between common types of zirconia, to help the reader navigate this market. Furthermore, we have investigated the translucency and flexural strength of selected dental zirconias currently available to dentists and dental technicians in Norway. We found in general compliance between the published flexural strength values provided by the manufacturers and our findings. We also found that although the finalized products should have similar colors, there were considerable differences in the yellow content between the different producers.

Multilagszirkonia – optiske og mekaniske egenskaper.
Andersen FS, Ruud A
Nor Tannlegeforen Tid. 2022; 132: 436–40.