Next week, NIOM, will be present at the National Convention and Nordental 2023 hosted by The Norwegian Dental Association (NDA) and Nordental at Nova Spektrum, Lillestrøm.

The National Convention addresses professional and clinical issues, but there will also be room for good discussions and updates on important matters that concern NDA and everyone who works with oral health.

Per Vult von Steyern, Professor and CEO at NIOM, will together with Jon E. Dahl, former Director at NIOM, give a lecture on alternative materials to cobalt-chrome at the symposium “Will there be a ban on cobalt-chromium alloys?” on Thursday 2 November at 13:20.

Participation in this event is of utmost importance to us, as it serves as a unifying platform for the entire Norwegian dental community”, says Per Vult von Steyern.

«NDA’s National Convention is the Norwegian dental industry’s largest and most important meeting place. Here, all health professions within the dental service gather and meet equipment suppliers and partners. We hope to see you there”, says Øyvind Asmyhr, Education Manager at NDA.

The conference runs from 2 – 4 November and attracts more than 4500 visitors for 3 days of professional updates, networking and an exhibition with approximately 100 exhibitors. You can meet NIOM representatives including Hilde M. Kopperud, Head of Laboratory, Erik Farbrot, CFO, and Rebecca Arntsen, Communication Manager at the event.

NIOM joins the National Convention and Nordental 2023

Learn more about the event here.

About NDA:

The Norwegian Dental Association is a professional association and trade union for dentists in Norway. The association safeguards the professional, financial and social interests of dentists. We have approximately 6700 members (2021), and the large majority of all working dentists are members (>90%). Our primary tasks are related to dental health policies, the working and operating conditions for dentists, and postgraduate education.