A major factor contributing to the quality of a light cured-based composite restoration is the efficacy of the light curing unit. To obtain a good curing depth and an optimal degree of conversion in the restoration, a sufficiently high light intensity (radient exitance) and an appropriate spectral distrubutin of the curing light is required. The radient exitance varies for different proprietary light curing units. It may also vary in the same unit with different bulbs of the same specification. The efficacy of a ligth curing unit can be reduced substancily for various reasons. To ensure proper curing of composite restorations, the practitioner should check the curing light at regular intervals, e.g., weekly. The simplest way to make these controls is to use a suitable light meter, i.e., radiometer. A survey of visible light curing units and radiometers is present.


Hvordan fungerer din herdelampe?
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