English Summary

Tooth-coloured materials dominate restorative treatments in the Nordic countries today. The most recent developments have concentrated on monomers and filler particles. The present article discusses the composition of and results from laboratory studies on contemporary materials with specific focus on nanocomposites and the clinical relevance of laboratory studies. Furthermore polymerization by LED light curing units and the risk of release of hormone-like chemicals from composites are briefly discussed.

Moderne tannfargede fyllingsmaterialer.
Kopperud HBM, Finger WJ, Hørsted-Bindslev P.
Nor Tannlegeforen Tidende 2011; 121: 34–9,
Tandlægebladet 2011 – 15 – nr. 1 (44–50),
Tandläkartidningen 2011; 103 (1): 88–94.