Why change?

Because change is constant, and with it comes growth. Since the establishment, a lot has evolved, prompting us to seek an upgrade for our brand. This upgrade aims to better reflect the work we do and enhance the experience for our people.

While this is a significant change, our core beliefs haven’t changed. 

The people of NIOM make up who we are, a highly competent, motivated, and diverse workforce. What motivates us is to ensure that dental biomaterials are safe and effective. We undertake research, participate in standardisation and provide clinically relevant advice to the dental health services and health authorities in the Nordic countries.

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We invite you to join us on this journey of growth. A primary objective is to conduct comprehensive research on biomaterials, encompassing all types of dental materials, including ceramics, metal alloys, and polymers, as well as their applications in clinical dentistry. NIOM offers research-based consultancy and accredited testing according to international standards. Our independent test laboratory delivers accurate and independent data accepted for third-party evaluations of dental materials and instruments.