The radiopacity of 28 shades of 18 composite brands, recommended for use in Class I and Class II cavities, and one amalgam were tested in accordance with the instructions in the latest draft standards of ISO for resin-based filling materials. The composition of the inorganic fillers in the materials was analyzed by optical emission spectroscopy. Twelve composites showed radiopacity greater than enamel, for five the radiopacity was lower than that of dentin, and for two materials the radiopacity was between that of enamel and dentin. The optical emission spectroscopy analyses showed a large variety in the composition of the fillers. The elements added to increase radiopacity in the composite materials are barium, strontium, zinc, zirconium, and ytterbium.


An evaluation of the radiopacity of composite restorative materials used in Class I and Class II cavities.
van Dijken JW, Wing KR, Ruyter IE.
Acta Odontol Scand. 1989 Dec; 47(6): 401-407