The development of digital techniques in dentistry is rapid. The use of 3D-printing for the production of resin-based constructions has become more widespread in recent years and new materials, printers and accessories are constantly becoming available. Compared to products for 3D-printing of auxiliary devices, materials for use in patients have taken a long time to be approved. New methods of manufacturing medical devices for clinical use require research and independent investigations to ensure that the end result is of satisfactory quality and is a good alternative for the patient, compared to the use of traditional manufacturing techniques. So far, 3D-printing in the Nordic countries is mostly used for the production of models, custom trays, surgical guides and try-in constructions. This article will introduce 3D-printing of resin-based materials: techniques, materials, and applications.

3D printing i odontologi
Stenhagen ISR.
Aktuel Nordisk Odontologi 2022, Vol.47. Utg. 1; pp 102-115.