Abstract from Håkon Valens lecture at symposium MED-10 Dentistry. (Organized by Ellen Bruzell). ESP-IUPB World Congress, Light & Life, Barcelona, Spain. August 25-30. 2019.

Oral biofilm formation around teeth and dental implants may cause inflammation of the surrounding tissue, which may lead to breakdown of the attachment of the tooth or implant. Ultimately, if left undisturbed it may lead to loss of tooth or implant.

At present, the gold standard for treatment of periodontal disease is mechanical disruption and removal of the biofilm with scaling and root planning and training of patients in control of biofilm levels compatible with health for the individual. The mechanical treatment does not remove all bacteria associated with periodontal disease, therefore, different adjunctive treatment modalities are suggested. Antibacterial photodynamic therapy is one such treatment strategy.

This talk will discuss current concepts for antibacterial photodynamic therapy related to oral biofilms and periodontal and peri-implant diseases. What are the clinical difficulties and how can we improve efficacy of antibacterial photodynamic therapy regarding both photosensitizers used in liquid solutions and on material surfaces.